CSS Sculptor

Wow — Eric Meyer in a box – I’m intrigued.

CSS Sculptor appears to be yet another “web development in a box” solution, but this one is standards compliant and (obviously) CSS-based. I listened to one of the tutorials for only a few moments, but it mentioned something about “if you click in the wrong area [the program] will remind you…”. I suppose that is how they can ensure the standards-compliance.

When I first started working in CSS, I used top-style to learn what styles or attributes could be applied to which elements. I suppose this program simply provides a stricter framework.

I would be interested to find out how robust the program is, if a user would have the ability to really get at the code and muck about, or if they are limited to working within the established framework. I notice there is mention of faux columns — does that mean there are CSS “modules” or techniques that are included and/or can be imported at will? I’m afraid I don’t entirely understand how this dreamweaver extension works — could it itself be extended upon? Does it clean up code that a user inputs manually?

Lastly, I would be very interested in seeing what the generated code would look like in terms of optimization. I don’t suppose there would really be any hope for true cascades?

I don’t see myself spending the $99 for the software (although I would have downloaded a free trial 😛 ), but I will be interested to see what sort of review/response there is to this product..

One thought on “CSS Sculptor

  • Due to bugs in version 1 (for Dreamweaver), I was never able to get it to run successfully on my system. The version I had would crash after I had spent considerable time tweaking the look. Pretty frustrating. Now I hear there is a version 2.0 version. I’d be tempted to try it, but there is no upgrade pricing. After being burned once, I’m reluctant to fork out full retail pricing again for a product I already paid for.

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