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While at Resource Interactive, I took training in and worked on several products with the ATG product suite. ATG is at the core an e-commerce solutions provider, with a stated goal as follows: Our goal: to power the world’s most engaging and rewarding online shopping experiences. We are our customers’ first stop in providing the[…]

Designing the Moment Book Review

In his first book, Designing the Obvious, Robert Hoekman, Jr. described seven core tenets of great Web application design: Build only what’s necessary Quickly turn beginning users into intermediates Prevent errors whenever possible and handle the errors we cannot prevent gracefully Reduce and refine interactions and task flows until even the most complicated applications are[…]

Designing for the Social Web – Book Review and Giveaway

I have been a fan of Joshua Porter and his writings over at the Bokardo Blog for quite awhile. When he announced that he’d written a book, Designing for the Social Web, I knew I wanted to read it. It’s taken me a year since its release, but I finally was able to read it,[…]

One Reason North America is so far behind in Mobile?

At Web Directions North ’09, Rachel Hinman from Adaptive Path presented an inspiring session on the Mobile User Experience (further cementing my adoration for everything the Adaptive Path folks touch). One comment that she made (slide 84, below) was that on the web we can annotate expectations. In accessibility, we’re explicitly told not to rely[…]

Social Media Confession: I Hate Online Video

Yes, I know that as a good social media aficionado I should be following Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee on twitter). He’s an Internet celebrity, largely as a result of his daily webcast about wine, and is recognized as a visionary in the arena of online marketing and social media. I’ll never learn much from Gary directly,[…]