Nexus Gone

I had such high hopes for the Nexus One. The promised features were great, including the tight integration with google services. Unfortunately, there were some serious flaws that prompted me to cancel my new T-Mobile service within the 14 day ‘buyer remorse window’ and send my new phone back to the Googleplex. First and foremost,[…]

Notifications: Nexus One 1, iPhone 3G 0

The Nexus One handles notifications beautifully: a status bar at the top of the screen shows icons related to activity, and a simple swipe of the fingers shows received emails, texts or tweets, missed calls, and other status items. You can click directly on any of the items to be pulled into that application, or[…]

6 Reasons Your Organization Needs Google Voice

I’ve been trying out Google Voice for about 6 months now. I like the service, most notably the voicemail transcriptions, but I know I’m not taking advantage of the majority of the features of the service. You know who would, though? Smaller volunteer-run organizations. I’ve spent several years in such organizations, and I just took[…]