You Can’t Hurt Coke’s Feelings

As organizations increasingly turn to social media to engage with (or broadcast to) their audience, the etiquette for setting up a corporate account needs to be considered. Frequently, an organization will set up a company-branded Twitter account, complete with a corporate logo as the avatar and devoid of any sense of personality. This seems “safer”,[…]

Numbers Lie

According to, as of November 2009 Facebook has 46% of the US market share of social networking site visits. Does that mean you need to have a Facebook presence, because nearly half the people you want to reach are on there? Well, is your target audience all US social networking site visitors? (This is[…]

Every Race is Different

I’m a marathoner: in 2009, I completed 7 marathons, ranging in finishing time from 3:29:36 to 6:42:15. Why the big discrepancy? Every race is different. There are external factors: course and weather, as well as internal factors: training, nutrition, mindset. And all can have an huge impact on the end result. When you look at[…]

The Sign

In my first day of Linguistics 201: Semantics, the instructor showed us a British roadsign: All the students laughed at the unintentional ambiguity of the statement. And in our amusement, I don’t know that any of us actually focused on the true meaning of the sign. Every time you put something into the public domain,[…]

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While at Resource Interactive, I took training in and worked on several products with the ATG product suite. ATG is at the core an e-commerce solutions provider, with a stated goal as follows: Our goal: to power the world’s most engaging and rewarding online shopping experiences. We are our customers’ first stop in providing the[…]

Rolling out the Denver Roller Dolls Online Marketing Efforts

In addition to being a marathon runner, I also recently started skating with one of the top ranked roller derby leagues in the nation, the Denver Roller Dolls. In addition to skating, every member of the league must serve on a committee. When I joined in January 2009, I made the simple choice to join[…]

Does your Organization Need a Wikipedia Entry?

While many may not be familiar with the term ‘crowdsourcing‘, most Internet users are familiar with Wikipedia, the online collaborative encyclopedia. Indeed, it has even gained some legitimacy as some courts have allowed the inclusion of information found in Wikipedia to be used in cases. When evaluating your online presence, should your organization have a[…]