Core Conversations at SxSW

Sessions at the South By SouthWest conference are classified as keynotes, solo presentations, panels, core conversations, book reading, or trade show events. In my initial planning of sessions to attend, I shied away from the Core Conversations, as I worried that the non-structured format would not offer the insights as more planned sessions. As it[…]


This morning Brian Morrissey asked his twitter followers “should an agency brag about its ‘new all-flash website?’. Before I read his post on AdFreak, I had no idea which agency he was discussing. Indeed, just last night my former colleagues at Resource Interactive launched their own site. However, having been there while they were working[…]

Akoha – Pay (or Play?) It Forward

Akoha, the “world’s first social reality game” was recently unveiled at TechCrunch 50. The first few thoughts that ran through my head as I reviewed the overview page were: “tamagotchi cards”, “random acts of kindness”, “where’s george” and “cross-channel social networking”! Akoha is an online game and community that has real world connections. Players have[…]

Spiders don’t use Screen Readers (SEO vs Web Accessibility)

How often have you been asked “so if we don’t use Flash, this will be searchable/accessible, right”? As though there is some new compound word describing a site whose content is easily available to all non-human user agents. Ah, we should be so lucky! While some coding practices aid in both SEO and web accessibility,[…]

Web Accessibility and Usability Presentations at Columbus Digital

Next Tuesday (July 29th), I will be presenting on Web Accessibility to Columbus Digital – the Central Ohio Adobe Users Group. Starting off the meeting will be a presentation on Usability on the Web. Announcing this month’s Adobe User Group Presentation Night, hosted by Quest Software! [Google Calendar Link] 6:10- 7:00: Usability on the WebChris[…]

what’s the deal with… personalization

Personalization is the idea of tailoring an experience to a specific individual. This is particularly prevalent in e-Commerce. There are a few ways to achieve this. The ATG e-Commerce platform uses ‘a scenario engine’ to provide personalized content. The engine uses a rules-based system, either based on user attributes or user behaviour. These can be[…]

why I never posted my research paper on RIA Accessibility

As readers may know, I graduated with my Masters in Computer Science this Spring. My research topic for my final Capstone project was on RIA (Rich Internet Application) Accessibility. When I first started digging deep into the subject, I posted about it frequently, and it has always been my intention to share my findings. As[…]