5 suggestions for print designers moving to web

I’m not a web designer, by any means. Sure, I have a graphic design certificate, but my design skills pretty well peaked in 2003 when I completed the online program (although my portfolio is still featured on the sessions.edu site!) But as someone who’s been taking amazing designs and making them functional for close to[…]

Six Services to Enhance Conversation and Community through Comments

For many, the difference between a blog and a webpage is the ability for site visitors to leave comments. The major blog platforms (wordpress, typepad, blogspot, livejournal) all come with commenting enabled, to stimulate engagement and help build community. Commenting is a big discussion point (no pun intended) – who owns comment content, and where[…]

SEO is dead, long live Social Media?

Yesterday at the Thin Air Summit, I attended a panel entitled “Search Engine Optimization with New Media.” Panelists were Brett Borders, Elizabeth Yarnell and John Fischer, and the session was moderated by Micah Baldwin. The presentation consisted of a slide overview by Brett, some general recommendations by the other panelists, and then a few brave[…]

Google devaluing Human-Filtered Directories?

At the Mile High Social Media Club meeting tonight, speaker Brett Borders mentioned that the google webmaster guidelines had been recently updated to remove a recommendation to submit to “relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo!, as well as to other industry-specific expert sites.” I tweeted this nugget of information, and @theguigirl[…]