why I never posted my research paper on RIA Accessibility

As readers may know, I graduated with my Masters in Computer Science this Spring. My research topic for my final Capstone project was on RIA (Rich Internet Application) Accessibility. When I first started digging deep into the subject, I posted about it frequently, and it has always been my intention to share my findings. As[…]

Grad School Retrospective (2)

As I mentioned in my last post, I am taking some time to look back on my time in grad school. A list of course titles and descriptions doesn’t really speak to what I got out of the course, or what I put into it. 4. Application of Artificial Intelligence – This was the first[…]

Grad School Retrospective (1)

I officially received confirmation yesterday that all my coursework has been approved, and I’ll be graduating with my Masters in Computer Science degree (with a 4.0 GPA) on 05/11/2008. After several years of part-time study, I wanted to reflect on all I’ve learned through the program. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting about[…]

A mid-career crisis?

After 8 years of various “web-” jobs (from Web Director (Jagged) to Web Designer (Maxim) to Web Master (Youthone) back to Web Designer (Common Sense Solutions) to Web Technician (Franklin University) to Web Developer (LexisNexis) to Senior Web Developer (LexisNexis) and now Senior Developer (Resource Interactive), I’m starting to think about a shift in my[…]

More Questions than Answers (Rich Internet Application Accessibility)

Ah, the fun part of a research project: when you know just enough to be dangerous… Trying to figure out the scope for my capstone, I’ve done some reading on WAI-ARIA, which seems to focus on helping making AJAXy-applications accessible via roles and states. However, we really work more with flash and flex at work,[…]