Catching Up, Moving Forward

It’s been far too long since I updated this blog, and each time I’ve tried, I’ve become overwhelmed with where to start. But in keeping with some of my latest learnings, I’m going to just start for the sake of starting.

One of my last posts mentioned that I was likely going to focus on sustainability in my program at CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business, but that hasn’t ended up being the case. In the 18 months since I started the program, I’ve changed jobs twice and have found my career progressing in a way I wouldn’t necessarily have expected.

After 3 years at Worldways Social Marketing as the Social Media and Interactive Technology Director, I returned to LexisNexis to serve (remotely) on their Customer Discovery and Innovation Team. A year later I accepted a position as a Product Strategist with Denver-based ReadyTalk, where I am championing a similar customer-oriented focus to product development.

I only have 4 classes remaining in my MBA (Executive Leadership, Negotiations and Conflict Management, Decision-Making for Managers and New Product Development), and the program has been wonderful in complimenting my technical background with an appreciation of the business implications of decisions.One of my favorite courses of the program thus far has been Entrepreneurship, where we learned the merits of just getting out there and giving something a try, and seeing ‘learnings’ as a valid outcome. Our professor mentioned The Lean Startup and at work there is plenty of interest about Lean Methodologies as well. I’ve started digging into it and it really resonates with me. So, I’ll be returning here more frequently to blog about how I feel lean principles may or may not be applicable to a company that already has a product. And I’m sure other stuff as well.

Glad to be back 🙂