Career Advancement Core Conversation at SxSW

SXSW InteractiveBack in a post last August, I asked you, my blog readers and twitter followers, to vote for my SxSW proposal: “Forging your Ideal Career”. And you listened! Today I’m very happy to announce that I will be speaking at the 2010 South By Southwest Interactive Festival.

As I mentioned back in the blog post, I’ve called on a former co-worker, Michael Krotscheck, as a co-presenter. Michael and I were senior developers at Resource Interactive, and sought out different ways to advance our managerial and entrepreneurial skills to allow us to advance beyond coding (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Our proposal was such:

Forging your Ideal Career

You’ve proven you’re a great developer / designer. How do you rise above the production floor to share your ideas and insights, and drive the solution rather than simply implementing it? Presenters will share their strategies for cultivating your career and attaining personal satisfaction while still keeping a steady paycheck!

  1. What if you feel your company’s career path is not for you?
  2. How do you position yourself as what you want to be doing, versus what you’re currently doing?
  3. How can networking help?
  4. What opportunities exist outside work?
  5. Forget work-life balance: how do you maintain paid work-unpaid work balance?
  6. How do you get support from your organization for your outside activities?
  7. What ideas do you share with your employer, versus keeping them to yourself?
  8. Wherein lies the problem: Your career, your job, or your company?
  9. When is it time to leave?
  10. How do you move on without burning bridges?

Although we didn’t pitch it as such, our topic was selected as one of the “Core Conversations” sessions. I’m really pleased with this, as I noted last year that some of my favorite SXSW sessions were Core Conversations. In general when I have speaking or training engagements, I really enjoy the interaction moreso than the “talking to”, so the format will be comfortable. As well, although Michael and I have our own experiences to draw from, we are not by any means “experts” in career development. I look forward to networking and engaging with others, hearing their challenges and hopefully collectively finding solutions in helping others find satisfaction and self-fulfillment in their work.

If you are planning to attend SxSW, I hope our paths will cross! Even if not, I’d appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you may have on this topic. I want it to be a rewarding, helpful experience for all involved!