Social Media Confession: I Follow Brands on Twitter

It’s true. I follow @crowdSPRING, @twitter, and @digsby, among others.

In all the lists and comments of “Twitter: you’re doing it wrong”, having a twitter stream for a brand with no ‘real person’ behind it is the number one offense. Social media is about transparency, it’s about real connections.

twitter iconsBut are we pigeon-holing Twitter to assume it needs to follow all the social media rules?

I like Twitter because of the rate (and volume) of dissemination of information. I follow digsby because I care about the development of the product, and I am waiting (not-so) patiently for the announcement of the release of a version for Mac. I don’t particularly care about how cute the head engineer’s cat is when perched on the windowsill. I care about the product, and its development, and when I can get my hands on it.

Does that mean I’m using Twitter wrong? Or digsby is?

We have a great tool here that is fast becoming part of our lives: an easy means of rapid communication. I don’t see any reason why brands should not use Twitter as a way to communicate with those who wish to get updates.

And p.s. I don’t care if they don’t follow me back, either. But that’s another confession..

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