Becoming a Lean Entrepreneur

The Lean Startup movement has become a popular approach to considering and validating new business opportunities. It focuses on customer discovery and taking an iterative approach to designing and developing the business.

Although it’s generally associated with the development of completely new businesses, we are using it at ReadyTalk to identify new areas of business. I believe it combines the best of both worlds: exploring new opportunities while still having the security of a steady paycheck.

Actually, some would say that missing out on that drive to turn your first dollar could slow our progress, but in this era of big VC dollars, a lot of startups seem to be flush well before their ‘businesses’ are profitable, so I dont think we’re being too coddled.

I haven’t blogged in awhile, but this is going to be the start of a new segment of my posts, focusing on what we’ve learned as we explore this new opportunity. I hope it’ll be useful for others seeking to implement Lean Startup principles in the enterprise.