Are you following Matt Bacak on twitter?

I’m not, but 1916 other folks are.

This morning my interest was peaked when @msaleem and @tomob posted a link to something “douchey” . I checked it out, and came across the PRWeb article The Powerful Promoter Promotes Himself Straight to the Top of Twitter . Hmm, maybe I didn’t understand what “douchey” meant..

Evidently Matt Bacak is one of the few folks who can wear the “Social Media Guru” title we see thrown around so frequently now. He is one of the top 500 members of Facebook, and a member of the Twitter Elite. Bacak runs the site The Powerful Promoter, and obviously his status on these sites is a testament to his work.

So what’s wrong with all this? I wondered if twitter was rising up against someone who had figured out the game, someone who was doing well in a field we’re all passionate about. Then another tweet by @zaibatsu helped explain the mystery. How had Matt risen to the top? It turns out, maybe Matt doesn’t have that many friends after all..

If social media is about impact and influence, then we may need to reconsider how we measure that. Matt Bacak’s shameless self-promotion on digg doesn’t mean anything he has to say is really making an impact: it just affirms he knows the game.

Maybe he’s still the guy you want on your team if you want to win.. but is winning everything?

6 thoughts on “Are you following Matt Bacak on twitter?

  • I agree that it doesn’t strike me as a big deal. Being bombarded by follow or friending requests from non-friends is douchey, but it’s not like he’s forcing people to follow him. He hasn’t broken SM rules, he just played the game well enough to attract and not offend such a large crowd. Thinking he himself is interesting to justify the crowd – well, that’s always one of the fascinating parts to all of us in social media, no? Finding people who fascinate other small long tail groups of people.

  • Very Interesting Andrea, I didn’t know who this guy was and it turns out your right he just knows the game. The real question is should we hate on the fact that he has played the game? Marketing is all about exposure and just like in the celebrity world exposure is exposure whether its good or bad..he might be on to something here. Thanks for sharing and I giving you back some comment love, thanks for checking out my post.

  • Boy, did I learn a lot from that experience. That day was something I’ll never forget. I even got a shirt to prove it. I love your blog – Keep up the great work!

    You ROCK!

    Matt Bacak

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  • I was wondering why you asked for the twitter idea. I’ve never seen that before. That’s a really cool feature. I’m going to try to find it and put that on my blog for my comments. 🙂 Matt

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  • It’s a WordPress plugin by Andy Bailey, who also does CommentLuv. Inspired by something seen on Twitip –

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