5 Last Minute Gifts for your Favorite ‘Virtual’ Friends and Services

With our hundreds of friends on our social networks, we may not have the time or capacity to buy them gifts. Here are some quick and easy ways to support your favorite online services and associates.

  1. Show Pandora some love (not those bracelets!) If you want your favorite streaming music service to keep going, buy via Pandora rather than directly through iTunes. This is one of their revenue streams. (and heck, you’re also getting something for yourself!)
  2. Support affiliate programs. You fell in love with the thesis theme on a friend’s blog, so pay it back by following their affiliate link to purchase.
  3. Not excited about purchasing something at all? Promote a friend’s posts through some social bookmarking sites. If you enjoy their posts, don’t you think others will too? Ah, web traffic, the gift that keeps on giving!
  4. Find someone new to follow on Twitter, and either retweet or respond to them to introduce them to your existing network.
  5. Comment on a blog for the first time. Many of us simply don’t take the time, although I think there are very few bloggers who don’t love to receive input from others.

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