Developing a Landing Page instead of a Business Canvas

Creating a landing page to validate interest in and willingness to pay for your product is an oft-mentioned strategy in the lean startup community.

But landing page development can be an easy way to generate excitement and shared vision with an internal team as well.


Freemium vs Free Trial

Both the free trial and the freemium model lower the barrier of entry for prospective new customers. But what is the difference, and when is it appropriate to use one versus the other? The free trial offers users a way to try a full-featured product for a limited period (generally time-based) before requiring them to[…]


SXSW 2014 Day 3: Organizational Change and Program Development

On Sunday, I attended a few sessions that reminded me of some of my MBA studies, and organizational change and relationships. “Don’t be Ned Stark” and “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” were both about being successful and effective within an organization. I love establishing new programs and taking on new challenges, and one key[…]


SXSW2014: Combinatorial Creativity: The Future of Innovation

This session, which was quickly renamed “Awesome combos” by the panelists, was described as follows: Some of the most transformative new ideas and products are being created in both the skunkwork labs of tech giants and by digital artists, hackers, and other collectives; and in some instances the two sides are joining forces. The thread[…]