About Andrea Hill

Andrea Hill has been working with web and social technologies for over a decade, initially as a developer, then as a business analyst and accessibility consultant, and now as a digital strategist. She is the Social Media and Interactive Technology Director for Worldways Social Marketing, where she advises non-profit and public health clients, and presents frequently at industry conferences.

Andrea served as a Geocities Community Leader and as a DMOZ Open Directory Project editor in the late ‘90s while completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Spanish. Following graduation, she decided to turn her passion for digital communication into a career. She launched “Jagged: a sharp online magazine” with a colleague in 2000, and it was named a Yahoo! Canada Site of the Week within three months. A real (read: paying) web development position soon followed, and Jagged became dull and was shut down. Andrea later returned to school to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Communication and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

While her old Geocities pages are (thankfully!) long gone, she has blogged at http://www.afhill.com/blog since 2006.